Teracopy 3.26

This free software for your PC allows to copy multiple files to a new location

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    Windows Vista / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 10

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Teracopy 3.26
Teracopy 2.01 alpha 5

One of the first things to annoy a person with Windows is the incredible investment of time for moving and copying files over from one location into the next. Fortunately, the tool known as Teracopy has been helping to eliminate this hassle and fix the problem. Through Teracopy, you can copy or move your files with Windows, and you can do it at a much faster pace. That especially becomes a welcome improvement when you look at how a lot of people have to deal with moving a few gigabytes of data at a time. ]

Simple to Use

In terms of ease of use, we couldn't have an easier program to use. You have a highly intuitive system where you select the files you want to copy and move them to the desired location. You right click it with a mouse and select the "Teracopy" command. As this happens, the program launches a window where you can pick the targeted folder and choose from three basic actions: move, test and copy.

Launch Teracopy on Its Own

You can also launch this system by itself. For example, let's take a situation where you want to drop and drag the files so that you can copy them onto the program's window. This method, while maybe not intuitive like a right-click menu, does take a while to identify the most basic menu and options for the Teracopy interface. The key benefit behind this system is how you can move massive quantities of files at a much faster rate what you might have with the standard of a Windows file manager.

Recent Changes to Teracopy

Recently, we have seen some welcome and beneficial improvements to Teracopy. For example, you have better USB devices for ejection, and you have the option for a CardReader. The developers also fixed some of the problems like how the md5 files would crush when you test them. Another problem fixed was how the test target folder and the requested admin privileges were improved as needed. Another advantage is how the developers added some new language strings to help people from other countries who might not speak English well.

Overall, this is a great system and because of its intuitive vibe, you spend less time trying to get it to work and more time transferring files to the necessary destination. Where Teracopy excels is with moving large amounts of data at once. It does it quickly and effectively to make the task far less tedious and time consuming than ever before. It is also embedded in Windows Explorer to help make the process much simpler for users of this web browser, and it supports the drag-and-drop method.


  • Internet Explorer has been integrated into this system for maximum benefits.
  • Much faster method than the standard Internet Explorer option.
  • Intuitive interfaces make navigation simple and easy to understand.


  • The visual attraction of this software is almost zero.

TeraCopy Portable is software that makes it exceedingly easy and fast to move files from one location to another location. This is a helpful software because ordinarily it takes a long time to copy or move files, especially those that are very large. This software will greatly cut down on the amount of time that it takes for this action to be completed.

Pros of Using TeraCopy Portable:

  • Increases the Speed of File Transfer and Copying: Many operating systems will take a very long time to copy for transfer files from one location in the computer to another location. The amount of time that is required for the files to be copied or transferred increases as the size of the file increases. When a person is attempting to copy or transfer several gigabytes of damage, the amount of time the action takes will be especially high. By installing TeraCopy, this transfer time can be greatly reduced so that transferring files is not nearly as large a chore as it usually is.
  • Does Not Need to be Installed: One of the best parts about this program is that it does not need to actually be installed. It can simply be stored on a USB flash drive and then used on multiple computers. This is helpful because it can be used on many different computers without having to reinstall the program multiple times. This greatly improves efficiency.
  • Easy to Use: This program is extremely easy to use. The first step is to simply launch TeraCopy Portable. Then the programs that need to be copied or transferred are dragged and dropped onto TeraCopy's window. Once there, files are able to be copied and transferred within a short period of time. Because of this simple process, it is possible for people to start using TeraCopy almost immediately.
  • Free: This program is completely free, which makes it an affordable way of making sure that files are transferred as effectively as possible. A person using this program has nothing to lose.

Cons of Using TeraCopy Portable:

  • Not an Intuitive Interface: Some users have complained, saying that the menu and other basic functions are somewhat difficult to find. This means that the interface, or the panel of options that the person using the software will click on in order to get the software to work, is not intuitive. This will slightly extend the period of time that a person will need to go through in order to best utilize the program.
  • Not Automatically Included with Windows Explorer: This program should really be included automatically with Windows Explorer, but it is not. This requires a user to take the extra step and find the program that suits his or her needs.
  • Only Available for Windows: This program is only available for Windows, and there are not a lot of comparable programs. This makes it more difficult to transfer files on other systems.

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